About Us

Band Practice
The Band meets at 6:30 p.m. Thursdays at
First Baptist Church
904 Washington St SE,
Olympia, WA.

Please mail all correspondance to:
Olympia Highlanders
P. O. Box 2591,
Olympia, WA 98507

    The Olympia Highlanders Bagpipe Band was formed in 1972.    We are a self-sponsered, non-profit band promoting the traditions and culture of Scotland.

    The Band has won numerous awards for performances in parades, graduations and other private and civic events.    Our pipers march wearing the Red MacPherson tartan and our drummers wear the Green Douglas tartan.

    We have performed throughout Washington as well as in Oregon, British Columbia and Alaska.

    We welcome participation by anyone interested in our activities (piping, drumming and Highland Dancing).    Piping or drumming instruction is available to prospective members from experienced members of the Band.

    Highland Dance instruction is available through Arielle Allard, Eildon Scottish Highland Dance Academy.    If you would like further information about the Band, receiving instruction or would like to attend a weekly practice to see what we do, please contact us.

But it’s not all parades and performances.    We have at least two Band parties a year.    Everyones families and friends are welcome to attend and we all play solo or in groups, talk and just have fun and relax.

Olympia Highlanders Pipes and Drums
2014 - 2015


 Aaron Amick

 Anne Hall

 Bill Collins

 Bob Adams

 Sue Cummings

 Stephen Henderson

 Bob McPherson

 Stewart Nevling

 Susie Paul

 Bruce Crawford

 Pat Wright

 Bev York

 Art Mize

 Chris McKee



 Diana Eville

 Lynn Eville

 Jim Harris




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